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Weekender Jersey
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Event Times? (Start / Finish)

Saturday > 1200 - 0000*

Sunday > 1200 – 2300*

Join us for Feastiville > 1200 - 1600 (Each Day) 

* Last entry > Sat 2100hrs / Sun 2000hrs

What is the Entry Policy / Procedure?

We want to get you into the Weekender as quickly as possible so to help us out, please take a moment to read through the terms and conditions that accompany your e-ticket so you can be prepared.

On arrival please have your e-ticket / mobile ticket ready so it can scanned by one of our friendly security staff and when successfully scanned, you will receive the relevant wristband.

* Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian aged 18 or over and will require valid photographic ID. Last entry is at 2100hrs Saturday / 2000hrs Sunday

We reserve the right to turn away and to eject anyone we believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and those who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade admission. 

Will I receive a Wristband?

Once your Weekender ticket has been successfully scanned you will be issued a secure wristband. Please make sure you wear your wristband throughout the festival as it's the only way you get in and out. Don’t tamper with your wristband or remove it as replacements won’t be available.  Security Crew will check for broken / tampered with wristbands, which are not acceptable, upon re-entry for the following day.  Replacement wristbands will only be issued on a FULL PRICE ticket repurchase basis.

Can I re-enter the site?

Re-entry will be given only under exceptional circumstances. To gain re-entry you must have your wristband and a pass out stamp. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR WRISTBAND during the show dates.  Attendees with damaged / ripped / faulty wristbands will be refused re-entry. No exceptions.  Re-entry is permitted for weekend tickets on the following day.  Your wristband must remain intact, and you will still be required to enter the security lanes for the usual search procedures. 

Do I need I.D?

ID is required to prove your age at the Bar.  If you look younger than 25yrs, You may be required to visit the ID / Age verification booth with your valid photo ID to exchange your festival wristband in return for an '18yrs & above' festival Wristband. 

Children (persons aged 12 and under) entering the festival who look older than 10yrs old must be accompanied by a parent / guardian who may be asked to provide proof of age of the child to prove the correct ticket has been purchased within the relevant age bracket. 

Permitted forms of ID are, Passports (both current or expired are acceptable), Driver’s Licence (not provisional) and photographic ID with the PASS (Portman Scheme) logo on. Photocopies / Photos of any forms of ID will not be accepted.

Children (persons aged under 16) are NOT permitted access to the iPop Digital Dance Stage. All other festival attendees are able to access this stage subject to usual capacity controls.

** In the interests of the safety and wellbeing of our festival attendees, we reserve the right to turn away and to eject anyone from the iPop Digital Dance Stage where we (at our sole discretion) consider it to be in their own best interests, and/or where we believe them to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as those who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade admission **

NB: Weekender Festival reserves the right to refuse admission if correct ID is unavailable upon request.




Due to a last minute change to the building we had planned to use for our iPop Digital Dance stage, we made an announcement this week regarding the age policy we had in place. We didn't want to have to prevent 13-15 year old from enjoying the dance tent and were hoping to enable both under and over 16s to both enjoy this space. However, with the benefit of site visits from all associated safety professionals this evening, we unfortunately have to alter that plan.

Planning an event like Weekender means a great deal of moving parts and maintaining a safe environment is paramount for us. We're hoping to have a new structure and policy for our next event but, in the interest of health and safety, we have been advised that our original policy of 16+ for the dance arena was the correct approach for the building being used.

What items cant I bring?

The Weekender site operates under a 7th Category license (Licensing (Jersey) Law 1974), with bars serving alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks & water are prohibited at all gate entry points.

To keep you guys safe and to make sure no one ruins the fun please also refrain from bringing in the following;

Umbrellas, selfie sticks, tents, chairs (all deemed an obstruction), bottles, cans, canisters, containers, food, laser pens, unauthorised professional film or video equipment, audio recorders, air horns, spray cans, fireworks, flares, animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs) are not permitted nor any items that may be used as a weapon.

Any prohibited items will be confiscated upon entry and likely to be destroyed.

Can I Bring items made of Glass?

We operate a 100% NO Glass basis, this includes perfumes and make up mirrors. This is to ensure your safety. Any glass items bought to the site will be confiscated upon entry.  Please do not bring GLASS.

Can I bring Illegal Substances?

Please do not attempt to bring in any illegal substances to the site. You will be searched upon arrival so the chances of being caught and subsequently arrested are likely.

How should I behave?

The Weekender is about bringing together great artists and great people, that’s you. We want you to have the best time so please stay sociable and respect each other, our security staff, the Weekender staff and the amazing acts who will be gracing the stages. It takes huge amounts of effort to organise these kinds of events and we want to be able to continue to do so. This is only possible with your help. We operate a zero tolerance basis when it comes to antisocial behaviour so make sure you’re on your best. Don't be the one to be evicted ...

What is Challenge 25? Can I purchase Alcohol?

In Jersey the legal age to purchase alcohol is 18. The Challenge 25 Policy operates at all the bars at Weekender. This means that if our bar staff are unsure how old you look, you will have to visit the age verification booth where you will be given an 18+ age verification wristband in exchange for your festival wristband, once your photographic ID has been checked and approved. Once you have this, you will then be able to purchase alcohol from the bars. This does not mean however, you can buy it for people who are under 18, as this is an offence and if caught you will be asked to leave the festival site immediately. if you’re under 18 it is illegal for you to attempt to buy alcohol on the premises so please don’t try.

Remember to drink sensibly particularly if the weather is warm. Stay hydrated with water. Any persons deemed to be overly intoxicated will not be served alcohol and will be asked to leave the site. 

We strongly recommend that people travelling to and from the Weekender use the shuttle coach service as advertised, public transport, taxis or designate a non-alcohol-drinking driver to be responsible for your car journeys. And don’t drink and drive – it’s dangerous, irresponsible and puts the lives of yourself and others at risk. Not to mention the fact that it’s highly illegal and you risk losing your license. If you’d like to know more about responsible drinking pay a visit to www.drinkaware.co.uk.

Can I bring Food?

We have numerous amounts of food stalls within the site (check out Feastiville to find out more). Therefore, we don’t allow any food to be bought into the site, this also includes baby food. Baby milk must be bought in sealed cartons only. We aim to cater for all dietary requirements and all are caterers are fully insured and registered with the States of Jersey Public Health Service.

Can I bring my Children?

Weekender festival offers extremely low ticket prices for Children making it a much more affordable experience for all the family.  In the event you are separated from your child/children on the site, please note that the lost child/persons point is located at the Jersey Youth Service welfare tent adjacent to the main gate entry point.

Children (12yrs & under) are not permitted in the IPOP Digital Dance Stage. Please be aware that amplified music could potentially cause damage to hearing. 

Is there Disabled Access?

The Weekender is open to disabled persons and as such we allow for easy access to all areas. Disabled toilet facilities are located in front of the Showground main building. Guide dogs for the blind and deaf are also welcome.

What are the Toilets facilities like?

There are a number of toilet points around the Weekender site which are sign posted, cleaned and emptied regularly. Respect the person visiting the loos after your visit.

Where do I put my Litter?

We’re extremely fortunate to have access to the Trinity Showground site so we ask that you consciously make an effort help to keep it clean and tidy. This includes the surrounding areas too. We have an on-site recycling site and plenty of bins so there’s no excuse. PLEASE keep Weekender CLEAN !!!

Where is Lost Property?

Lost property is located at the Weekender T-Shirt Tent. Any items found after the Weekender Festival will be held onsite at RJS 'Festival Office' by noon on Monday 4th September.

Will I get sun burnt?

The sun can be deceiving especially when it appears cloudy. Please make sure you take precautions and use sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times.

Will it be sound any good?

Please be aware that prolonged exposure to amplified sound may cause permanent hearing damage. Please use appropriate hearing protection if needed and keep your little ones safe too. Ear plugs are available from the Weekender T-Shirt Tent (next to main bar)

Where can I get the festival coaches?

Special Festival Shuttle coaches are available each day of the festival. Coach Tickets can be purchased in advance at a discount rate from the tickets section on this website.  Coaches are available from Peoples Park St Helier from 11.30 each day until: 1900 Saturday & 1800 Sunday.   Coaches return to Peoples Park from Rue Au Sellier (Trinity) from 2200hrs Saturday and 2130hrs on Sunday.  

Is there Parking at all?

When nearing the Weekender Festival site, please follow road signage / parking signs. Arrive early to guarantee a parking space. The Car Park opens from 11.30am each day. Vehicles must vacate the car park no later than 2pm Monday 4th Sept. There is parking for approximately 750 vehicles only, so arrive early or even better, avoid travelling by car altogether and take a coach or bus! The organisers cannot accept responsibility for any theft or damage to persons or vehicles whilst using the parking facilities in the assigned areas. Please respect our lovely neighbours by not parking vehicles in the neighbouring lanes or roads – any vehicles that do so will be towed away and impounded by local authority. You’ve been warned!

Are there any neighbours?

We feel really privileged to be able to use the Royal Jersey Showground to host Weekender Festival. However, we need your help to keep the local community happy! There are temporary road restrictions to and surrounding the Weekender site for the weekend. Ensure you enter and leave the site quietly at all times, so as to minimise any disruption to our neighbours, and we’ll be able to come back and do this all again in 2018.